Our Puppies Schedule

Our Puppies Schedule From Weeks 1 through 8

First 2 Weeks

All of our litters are born in whelping box es located in our master bedroom. We have it set up this way so that we can monitor new litters for the first two weeks.

Weeks 2 to 4

At 2 weeks of age our litters go to their stage 2. Pen which is a 6-ftx8 ft. pen.Large enough for them to be comfortable yet small enough so they don't get lost from straying away from the litter. At 2 weeks we begin bathing all of puppies so that by the time you take them home, taking a bath is like second nature to them.

4 Weeks

At 4 weeks of age they go to their stage 3 pen which is a 12x 6 pen giving them plenty of room in which to move around and socialize. It's at this time that we begin pad training them. They won't be housebroken when you take them home. However, they will have established that there is a designated spot in which to relieve themselves which makes the crate training process considerably easier.

Weeks 4 to 8

From weeks 4 through 8, we thoroughly socialize all our puppies through interactions with others, interactions with pets, interactions with children, car rides, and lots of love.